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IMG_20130129_124421 On Friday I finished reading my latest book Sam’s letters to Jennifer, I must say I absolutely loved the book. It one of those books that really leaves an impression, gives you a good life lesson. The lesson here was love never fails. It the craziest thing because sometimes in life when we go through horrible situations in a relationship we tend to throw away the word love to never be used again. We put up walls with the intention of never really bringing them down. As I’m going through my situation, before reading the book I promised myself that I wont ever be let myself love anyone or let myself become vulnerable with someone again but by the end of the book I had changed my mind. Through the book I understood that love always succeeds. If one relationship doesn’t work or comes to a tragic end  we cant just stop there, we all need love, love awakens the soul. it like a vitamin for the soul. If you have time and like to read. Take a few day to read it, you’ll love it I promise!! CAM01354-1