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My grandmother is having her main artery unclogged and a stent is being put in on Friday (tomorrow). As in any surgery it’s very risky but with her, the risk is doubled. This is not the first time its done and usually my grandmother goes in without a fight, this time its a bit different she says she’s tired of having things done to her. She’s a little reluctant to do it but after a long speech from the doctor and her kids she reluctantly said yes. I’ve been going by regularly because once she gets admitted to the hospital it becomes a little hard for me to see her because of my girls. My mom usually watches them but when grams is in the hospital my mom spends her days by my grandma’s bed. Yesterday my grandma called me and asked me to go over and eat. When I got there I found her in her room looking at old pics. She was feeling a little nostalgic and I could tell by the way she endlessly gazed at each picture. Seeing all the old pics made me feel a little sad too, then I came across the most beautiful picture I have ever seen.

forever does exist

It made my heart feel all fuzzy and stuff. I remember when my grandfather used to drink his Nicaraguan imported whiskey and play his guitar while my grandma sat beside him and sang rancheras. I stared at the picture and at that moment I saw it. I saw how perfectly they complimented each other even back then. They each had a role and combined they made beautiful music together. Theses two were meant for one another. I’m a way I’ve always admired what they have. I always say that they are a real love story. Forever does exist