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Never get in between the problems of a couple.

That’s one thing over the years I’ve learned to understand. only the husband and wife really know what goes on behind closed doors. Now you might ask where this is all coming from well, it’s the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown situation. For those of you living under a rock, he beat her up, she pressed charges, they moved on and each had a relationship X amount of months later they reunited and now they are all lovey doveywith each other. A lot of fans are outraged because of what happened they can’t understand how she is willing to be with a person who mistreated her so badly. On the other hand she publicly made it clear that “its was her mistake to make”, she wants to live her life. this morning y favorite morning show discussed whether it was right or wrong.  many are taking it to the heart as I listened to what people had to say, the quote above just came to mind. Yes it might be wrong but who are you and I to determine what this girl does with her life. The only two people who really know what went down that day are her and Chris Brown. So people let it go, let her be. If it makes her happy then go ahead lil mama, do your thang. If it happens again then she’ll learn her lesson if they live happily ever after then Hooray to them!