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I’m sick again, I know it’s the 3rd month I get sick with the stupid cold. This is probably the worst one though. All last week my throat was feeling a little funny. It wasn’t enough to feel as though i had strep throat but It felt funny. Well On Saturday I woke up with a ball the size of grapes on both sizes of my neck, because of all the stress I’ve been going through the past couple of weeks I thought it was just a tensed up muscle. My mom and the girls massaged it and it felt good for the moment and later hurt more. So much that I had to call the 24 hour nurse to ask if it was normal. By the end of the night it felt hot to the tough and my whole neck was hurt bad, and i was having trouble swallowing. As per the nurses advice I decided to go to the ER there they found that my Lymph Nodes were swollen. Yes it sounds serious and I never heard of it but It’s normal for them to get like that when the body is fighting off an infection. Less than an hour I was on my merry way with an RX for Antibiotics.


Sunday I spent the day sleeping and resting with hopes of feeling better today. I curled up in my couch with my favorite covers and my comfy socks and watched a movie and relaxed.

Theses are my comfy socks, ya like?? And don’t mind the whiteness its winter for god sake

Today I feel worst, I thought relaxing might do the trick but I was wrong. Today (no offense to anyone) but I feel like a fat girl whose had to run a whole block. I my eyes are super glossy, I look like a stoner and my nose is super runny. I need this day to fly so I could go home.