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loveahh Valentines day is manana and its funny to see everyone scrambling around trying to find the perfect gift for their significant other. I’m a girl who likes to be showered with gifts so I wont complain but deep inside I think its foolish that some people just use this occasion and this occasion only to show how much they love the person they love. I think it should be an everyday thing. I’m not talking about going over the top every single day but just little thing here and there. Valentines day was made by the industry to get groen ups to spend money on crap. I see it more of a kid’s day to express kindness and love to their friends. I love to see my little one come home with all the little cards and how excited she gets. So people, I mean grown ups don’t over do it on Valentines day save it for a better occasion and remember to show love everyday. Little acts of romanticism come a long way.