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so yesterday I didn’t have a Valentine and maybe that’s why I was a little bitter but soon I realized that some day I’ll have a Valentine that will last forever, so no biggy. I did enjoy seeing all the flowers that came in to the building, they were amazing looking. my day at the office wasn’t so bad. Soon it was time to head home and I couldn’t of been happier. It started to rain on my way home so it took me forever to get to my destination. When I got home my little one was waiting for me with my mom.My mom left right away. The girls and I ate and chatted about our day. Later  all three of us sat on the couch and ate some chocolate and chatted some more. During this all my little one is looking at me with  mischievous eyes. I wanted to ask her what was up but got lost in conversation. I walked to my room and just as I am about to turn the knob my little one stops me and tell me. “momma I know poppa didn’t get you anything but I did, close your eyes” She took me by my hand and led me to my room. When I opened my eye on my bed sat a folded white paper, chocolates and a gift bag.


I almost cried. She knew how her daddy and I would always celebrate this day, we didn’t make a big deal but I always had a Valentine, she wanted to comfort me. I hugged her and exclaimed how much I loved the earring and the chocolate but especially the drawing. She blushed and hugged me. My Nix was my Valentine and a perfect one she was.