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She’s growing up quicker than most people can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. She almost as big as I am and is developing her own little fashion preferences. I think it made me feel even more sad last week when she asked if she could shave her legs. I agreed because I didn’t want her to do what I did and go behind my back. I sat in the shower and showed her the correct way to do it. After I knew she had it down packed I left her to it. I stood at the door of the bathroom and watched her. She couldn’t stop smiling at the fact that she was doing a grown up thing. Back when I was 11 and I did it behind my mom’s back I didn’t understand why the big deal but now that my baby is growing up and asked me I understand. my mother wanted it to be ran by her and for us to have that special bonding moment I had with my daughter. Now I understand her, I pick up the phone while my daughter shaved and apologized to my mother. I should have waited.