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hold on  let go

Ive learned that its equally as hard to hold on as it is to let go. Sometimes knowing which one of the two to do is the hardest decision in the world. How long to hold on to till you loose grip vs when is the right time to let go. Now I’m not just talking about a partner like a boyfriend, or husband, I’m also talking about friendships and family. Sometimes that person has been around for so long that you cant seem to understand when you should hold on or let go. You want to let go because they aren’t showing that they want to be in your life but as soon as you’ve made your mind up about letting go they some how wiggle their way back into your life. so then you hold on and hold on make all the effort in the world and like that it becomes a viscus cycle that you cant seem to break away from. At one point of another its extremely important to decided on one or the other. Its not fair to yourself.