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Yesterday I woke up with my eye red and really bothersome. A few minutes after I woke up it started to itch and burn. I was convinced I had pink eye but I felt something is off. When I got to work I had the optometrist there take a look at it, he referred me to a specialist and determine I had an ocular allergy that was causing my cornea to have an indentation. It sounds more serious that what it is. I was prescribed three different drops and sent back to work. I got to work and had tons of things to do. After work I had to do a few errands to run so by the time I got home it was about 7:30. I feed my girls, helped with homework, organized the house a bit and helped them get ready for school the next day. Exhausted from the day I announced I was taking a bath. While the hot water ran down my back I suddenly thought about what my day would be like after feeling like this if I were a childless woman. I imagined my self taking a long peaceful bubble bath. Then getting into my PJs and drink a nice cold glass of wine. I imagined how quite the house would be while I sipped my wine on my couch. The thought quickly evaporated into thin air when I heard my eldest scream from the top of her lungs that she was leaving to do homework at my aunts.. I Finished up quickly so that the little one wouldn’t be alone for too long. My little one  looked at me with the cutest eyes and said momma I know you don’t feel well. I didn’t say a word and went straight to my room. As I got dressed, my mind started to wonder why the house had become so quite. I opened the door and I walked down the hall to the living room I could hear my little one singing. When I got to her I saw she was cleaning the book shelf. I asked her to sit but her was reluctant. She ended up picking all her mess up in her HW area (the area I nag so much about cleaning)  and cleaned every surface she used. When she was done she took a quick shower and came to the sofa I was in. She massaged my back and played with my hair. My heart melted, as i slowly realized she had done all the thing I like to make me feel better. She knew my day had sucked ass and did all she could to make my night better. How could I ever want to be childless when being a mom is the best thing in the world. Children show you unconditional love and they often pay more attention to details than most adults. It dawned on me that the thought I had just had in the shower was foolish.