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interview My co-worker of three years just got a job so today was interview day out my job, we had a total of 10 girls to interview. Out of the 10 only 7 showed and out of the 7, 5 had specific terms for the job. It really baffled me how some where late, one didn’t bring in the application as asked to previously. I was more shocked at the ones that confirmed they would come in for an interview today and didn’t even have the audacity to even call to cancel. I’ve been working since I was 16 and I remember I was always early to my interviews with a resume in hand and dressed properly. How do these people think they will land the job if they can’t even do the first step correctly. The interviewer chose one that I wasn’t too fond of but he was. it’s not my call, because if it was I would have kept looking. I’ll definitely let you guy know how it works out. I’ll miss my co-worker because we were already used to each other and were becoming friends but I’m happy for her new opportunity. Good Luck Vieja!!