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over there pleaseHating someone only makes you bitter. I’ve disliked someone so much that  there has been times where I wish I could kill them off like in a mafia movie or simply scream “off with your head!” and the person gets taken away never to be seen again, but in reality I cant.


I live in a place where everyone knows everyone and some way some how we are all connected or know someone who knows someone. Its inevitable, so even If block, delete , change numbers and etc, the person still makes an appearance in my life at one point or another. Some of these people have hurt me so bad that just by hearing or seeing their names it makes my stomach turn. But at the end of the day I’m the one who is feeling upset and getting all bent out of shape about them. I’ve realized that even if I wanted to I cant eliminate the person’s existence, so I have to learn how to control myself and not let them get to me. Ive already put a few things to use, hopefully they work.