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seeking a friend

Yesterday I saw a movie called Seeking a friend for the end of the world. It’s about a comic that will be nearing earth, it follows the adventure of a guy who looking for his lost love, he is accompanied by his strange neighbor. It shows what different people do to ride out the end of the world. Some people get drunk, others do drugs they’ve always wanted to try, some can’t take it and kill themselves. It shows a wide perspective. The main character of the movie shows up to work along side 4 other people. So it got me thinking what would I do if the world were to end in 3 weeks? I thought of about a million things that I would do. I would probably look for Mark Wahlberg and have a crazy/sexy night with him LOL, maybe try a few foods I never tried and wear things I never wore. A little something to make me happy here and there.So tell me what would be one of the things you do if the world were to end in 3 weeks?