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parentsDuring the past few weeks my daughter has been learning about the human body with that comes the reproductive system, followed by STD and protection. Kids at her school are bothering her about her father and I being teen parents. They even called me an early fucker LOL. For me is was meaningless but when me daughter came to me a little teary eyed it broke my heart. I explained to her that when someone makes fun of someone else about their life, way they dress, talk or anything like that it’s because they are either jealous or don’t understand and people who don’t understand typically hate because they don’t know what else to do. Thankfully she I’ve taught her well and she put each person that bothered her in their place. I wish I could have said a piece of my mind but A.they are little kids and B. I too old for bull crap like that. I told her a few things she could say next time someone bugs her about the same thing. I made sure her words make them cry. I also assured her that if this issue continued and she wanted me to I would go to her school and straighten this out myself.