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I’ve gone through many things in my life but by far the worst has been having my heart-broken. It’s hard because some how it’s not only your feelings that hurt but you genuinely feel broken.When I saw girls close to looking like death because of a break up i didn’t really understand it, i thought they were all being dramatic but when one loves truly it hurts to be broken-hearted. I used to have days that I went from being simply OK to just crying my eyes out. It felt like my emotions were on some sort of roller coaster it had good turn and then came the hard ones that you feel like you are holding on to her heart  by a hair. I thought about many things at times I blamed myself but ultimately I understand that it wasn’t only me, it was the both of us. A relationships takes two to work and I didn’t damage it all by myself. Unfortunately there was also people there messing things up and our relationship wasn’t strong enough to endure it. To be honest even though it was my the hardest time and I didn’t really have much people to help me through it i did have a few that came to my rescue. Looking back now even if its a relatively fresh wound I’m glad it happened, all this time alone Ive realized and understood many things about my life and myself I know would of never tried to become change if not under these circumstances. So cheers to this time alone and embracing my life, tweaking it and become a better ME. I’m now a LULU 4.0