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This is it!! My little girl no longer thinks boys are gross or that they have cooties. *tear She has this major crush on a kid…At first it didn’t bother me but now Its all she talks about, ALL THE TIME and to be honest I kind of want to make him disappear. I’ve had my share of heart-break and I wouldn’t want her to experience it at all but since we have to be realistic I know she will have her share of broken hearts. As a mother you want to put your kid in a bubble and shelter them from all the bad situations.


As I hear her talk about the boy she likes and all his super awesome features and how great he is, I can’t help to wonder if thats how annoying I was when I had my crush on her dad. Her eyes just seem to sparkle and every other words is _____ this and ___ that. Everything he does is so COOL!! The craziest thing is that now she is trying more in the morning. She puts perfume on, makes sure her hair is pretty. She’s even watching what she eats. Puppy love is so cute. That’s the best type. Nothing can mess it up because it’s so pure. I just wish her the best and hope she doesn’t get her heart-broken. I’ve talked to her with sincerity and give her advice when asked for. I’m trying not to overstep my boundaries so that she trust me enough to tell me things and she’s already been warned, no kissing, no touching, no dating!!!