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First of all I’d like to take a moment and say that my prayers are with all the victims and family members of those injured in the Boston Marathon explosions. As a nation we will pull through this. It was very touching to see so many people trying to help and sending prayers through various social medias but it rattled me when I was scrolling through my news feed and  stumbled across a very graphic picture of a victim and his limbs blown off another of a man hugging the body of his wife. As I clicked on #prayforBoton I became livid, it wasn’t just a few it was a bunch of pictures of people hurt really bad. I thought to myself how anyone with a heart or even a brain not think that there is anything wrong with posting pictures of people in their vulnerable state for some likes or attention. Have some freaking respect for the people involved. It’s sad what this society has come to, people don’t have any type of filters, they post everything and anything. So Sad.


On another note, lets pray for Boston and everyone involved. Lets pray that whoever did this gets caught because its a terrible thing to know that the person who did this is in the street, free and with no remorse. Hug and kiss your children, husband, wife,mother, father, sister, brother or any family member because tomorrow isn’t promised.