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Do you ever wonder what the future has in store for you? Sometimes I wish I really knew what was going to happen not to interfere with it but just to mentally prepare myself physically and emotionally. I actually want to go to a tarot reading. I went to two different people years ago and one was a total bullshitter, she told me things that were so general that anyone could relate, then I went to a man who gave me chills. He told me things about me that no one really knew, things that made hairs on the back of my neck stand. I remember going to him and feeling weird, I got home and wrote down some of the things he said, about 90% of things came true. tarot reading

Since things in my life are a little up in the air I’ve been thinking for a few months now of getting one but I want to go to a person who is good,someone who can really tell me things. I have many questions? What would be some of the things you would ask if you were to see a fortune-teller?