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Maybe because it’s that time of the month again or maybe it was the mood the book I’m currently reading put me in but I was super sentimental last night. I need a hug and I needed one fast. I couldn’t wait to get home and just relax some and get a hug from the one person that gives the best hugs in the whole world, my little Nix. I love getting hugs from kids because I feel as if their hugs are genuine. There’s the factor of not having any malice in their heart so when they hug they hug to hug if that makes any sense.

So I got home and told her I was having a bad day and mommy felt sicky, she immediately knew that I needed a hug, She sat down and put a pillow on her lap and tapped the pillow and said “here mommy put your head here, I’ll hug your head” and that what she did. It was funny but comforting in a way. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I didn’t have my kids. Where would I get my baby hug from??