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make-friendsWhen I was a kid I was the shyest person ever I never was able to build the courage to make new friends. I would wait till someone went up to me and talked, only then would I talk to anyone. Now that I’m older I wish I would have been better at making friends. I know I missed out on great friendships because of this. Till this day I must admit i get a bit shy sometimes but I’ve gotten a whole lot better. I’ve tried to instill being social with my girls, my eldest is the shyest thing in the world, I’ve never been able to break her out of her shell but my youngest is able to make friends wherever she goes. She doesn’t care how old you are she will go over to you introduce herself and ask if you’d like to play with her. There has been time when we are out and all of sudden I catch her near by talking to someone, making a new friend. For me its a proud mommy moment every time I see her making strangers into new friends because I know that in the future this will help her a whole lot.