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It’s crazy how certain things hold such a sentimental value, they could bring you to an exact moment. A few weeks back I was at the grocery store and I noticed the most beautiful sunflowers ever and the price made them prettier. I bought myself an arrangement. As I paid for them I couldn’t help but to remember why I loved them so much.


When my ex-husband and I were going to have our first-born we were really young and super broke. He has never been one to buy me flowers just because. I remember I had just finished having my baby girl and I was really hungry, I asked him to buy me an order of fries. I took at small nap and when I awoke I saw him there standing with my fries in one hand and one sunflower in the other. he kissed me and said “I can’t afford more than one but here you go” Till this day I choke up when I remember his words. It was such an incredible moment, I remember thinking how much I loved this man and our newborn baby. Now that we aren’t together its like I’m being haunted by sunflowers, I see them everywhere and I must say I miss him and cherish the memory of our young love.