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I’ve never done a race and it was long over on my bucket list, I figured I start off with an easy one so I joined the color run. My cousin sent me the video and I didn’t even think of it twice. I was stocked, I had been talking to anyone that would listen about it and soon the day came. I woke up yesterday with such enthusiasm! We had to be there before 7:30 so we were up by 5:20 AM. When we got there I knew it would be fun, the vibe was incredibly happy. We started off to a slow start and then picked up the pace. At each mile marker they had people with a powder made out of corn starch and color. they throw it at you and at the end of the race you are splattered with different colors. When the race is done, they have an after race party, where there’s a DJ and more color is tossed around. It was by far the funnest experience ever!!


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