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The past seven months of my life have been some what surreal. I kinda feel like I’ve been having an out-of-body experience, in which until now I feel as if I’m beginning to enter my body slowly. I certainly have my days in which I still feel like I’m up in the air, like I have no idea what my next move will be. I am not quite fully healed or completely come to terms with certain situations  but I’m slowly getting there. It’s crazy that what seemed like my perfect world slowly became a tornado full of anger, betrayal, sadness, self-awareness, realizations, guilt,hurt, back stabbing, affirmations, and finally acceptance. There has been days where I just want to stay home all day but I know I cant, I wont let it happen to me. Its been hard but as crazy as it might seem I feel good that all this has happened, sometimes certain really bad situations have to happen in order for our life to be put into perspective. If you ask me its kinda sad that I have to let it get to his point until I realize certain things but I guess it’s one of my bad qualities I have to fall flat on my face to understand things at times.

Flat on my face2 Flat on my face