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So I cant complain this mother’s day has been much better than the past couple of years. I was showered with love and  gifts. My house had three flowers arrangements at once, that’s a rare occasion in my home!  I really felt loved and appreciated. my uncle made this fancy mother’s day breakfast. I ate like a little piggy, it was delish!!

970051_10200801243326167_1093879787_n 945240_10200801242406144_292746382_nMy girls made my day extra special. But It got me thinking that mother’s day wouldn’t be mothers day if we didn’t have our kids. Then of course it got me thinking of all the things that distinguish you as a mother and not just a woman. As the day went I made mental notes of the things that made me a mother.

Being a mother is……

  • Letting your child eat the last slice even if it’s the yummiest thing you’ve tasted
  • Pretending the high pitch song they just sang sounds just like Adele
  • Waking up in the middle of night because you heard your child cough
  • Sitting through a long story about why so and so said “boo im not your friend”
  • Listening to your kid ramble on about all the great traits their crush has
  • Going to the same restaurant for the 1,00th time just because they love it
  • Staying in on Friday night because they want to watch a movie
  • Seeing the annoying cartoons with them
  • Taking the high road on certain situations because your kid is present
  • Pretending to be in a good mood even though your day sucked ass

And last but no least finally understanding all the rules, and things your mother did for you growing up.