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I reported a few days back that my new co-worker got offered a new job and last week was her last week here at my job. She was currently on a 10 day detox so I couldn’t really get her a goodbye cake or a yummy something. she worked with me for two weeks and  I know that isn’t long but she was a really nice girl with a good head on her shoulders. Working with her was a pleasure. She came by the other day to pick up her check and to my surprise she brought with her a gift for my coworker and one for me. I felt so bad but was also surprised because she’s only known me for 4 weeks. When I opened the card I had to hold back tears. Her actions made me realize that there is still a few good people out there that know how to be grateful, know how to win hearts but most of all have great people’s skills.


This is the orchid she got me