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Being a parent is so rewarding and very comical at the same time because kids can be very funny. they come up with things that make you angry, happy, sometimes make you laugh till you pee on your self other times wondering where the hell they come up with things like this. There are different stages in a child’s life that help them communicate with you. My daughter is at the writing stage. She writes little notes all the time. I have to be honest sometimes I have to guess the words but she is too cute with the things she says to me. With her father it’s more of I love you but can you get me this LOL. Last week as her father came to visit them, we were all on the couch watching T.V when she came to each of us and handed us a note. The first one is the one she made for me, the second is the one she made for her father.

CAM03588Mom I love you in my heart mom and mom you know that I love you. the roses are red and no one is as sweet as you!

CAM03587-1Dad I love you in my heart and dad you know I love you and dad can you make me a really big party when it is my birthday.