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Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the father of my kids’ friend who passed away. He was young and left behind a little boy. I wasn’t too close to him but I did date him for some time in Middle school. the father of my kids in the other hand was really close to him growing up, the parents from both sides were friends. They grew apart somewhat during the years but always stayed in touch and hung out from time to time. This time last year It really hit him hard  and I guess it will be every May 22. He was sad and this made him think of the loved ones he had lost. I haven’t lost anyone closely related to me but death always seems to put life and things into perspective. Yesterday made me sad and got me thinking life is short tomorrow isn’t promised,we are just here for a short time. We should live today as it was your last, love the people that love you and don’t get hung up on those who don’t make time for you.Make mistakes but always learn from them. Find time for the little things in life. Do things that bring a smile to your face often. Forgive those who wrong us because life cant be lived with anger in our hearts. don’t judge others by the life they live, if you don’t agree with it remove yourself. Most importantly never stay quiet express yourself the good and bad. People will appreciate the honesty more than the bullshit.