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Monday I had jury duty and although I would have rather have been at work I was a little entertained with all the different people in one place. This is definitely a great place to people watch. As soon as I walked in a few people stood pout. I looked for the seat closest to the T.V and closest to the door. A man came in at the beginning and explained how our day would go and of course after he said what he said there was the few that asked stupid questions. things he had already covered and if they would have listened to him the first time they probably wouldn’t be asking him. All of a sudden some random lady started to scream because she didn’t call the number you are supposed to call and came in without being needed. She hollered and made a big fuss and when she noticed the whole room staring she scram at everyone to stop staring and proceed to what they were doing. People just looked at each other and laughed, couldn’t believe the lady’s balls. They soon called in the first 3 groups of jury pools. I sat for another 2 hours. I read a few chapters from my book and went online on my phone but quickly got tired. I looked around and noticed a girl in front of me with an iPad checking some guy out. Perfect I thought, people watching it is. She stared at the guy until he looked at, when he finally did she asked what he was listening to on him iPhone. She didn’t wait for him to answer and took the ear phones from his hand and inserted them in her ears. She nodded in approval and gave them back to the guy. It disgusted me to know that she was ok with inserting a complete stranger’s ear phone into her ears. She wanted his attention so bad and kept bothering him every 5 mins, he didn’t seem interested but I guess felt bad to shrug her off. A few mins later he was called and believe it or not she followed him and handed him her number. God I thought how thirsty. We were dismissed to lunch shortly after.

jury duty 1

After lunch I came back and the madness continued. I came in and took my same seat. As soon as I sat down a guy sat next to me and proceeded to ask me about the movie they were playing but before I could talk some random girl came to sit next to him and answered the question for me. I wasn’t interested one bit in this guy but it made me laugh how desperate this girl was looking. For the next hours we watched the movie that was being played and every time he would look at me and ask me a question about the movie she just interrupted and answered the question. Thankfully I was called shortly after.They gathered us in a group outside and said that too many people had been called for jury duty that day and that we were dismissed.I was home free!!!