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I look at this picture and realize how much I’ve changed. This picture was taken in 2006 I remember this being my favorite dress. I had just left the father of my kids, my girls were 4 and 6 months old. I thought I had life all figured out little did I know my idea of all figured out was pure bullshit. Sometimes I wish I would have taken the advice given to me by people who were wise, I wish I hadn’t made some of the mistakes I did, I wish I would have seeked the friendship of the amazing people I had in my life back then that i didn’t realize were amazing until now. I can’t say I regret the things I didn’t but wish I would have had my head on my shoulders a little better. I guess its part of life thought we live and we learn. I could say though that all those moments have made me the me I am today and as though I am still in the evolving phase I feel I am much better today than I was back in 2006. The way I dress, talk and think have changed and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Cheers to evolving.