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No Bitch you are thirsty! Taking half-naked pics to put online.

Long time ago some one told me that their father taught them a phrase that stuck with them for a very long time. When I heard it I was appalled by the statement and didn’t see any merit in it but now I understand it and I totally agree. And its only because of the way that women and society are today in age.  This person said “If you don’t the things your man wants someone else will”. I thought about it and thought to myself what a jerk but because now a days women don’t demand the respect they should and throw pussy out like throwing rice at a wedding, this statement couldn’t be anymore true. Women have such low standards that they sleep with married men, they sleep with men who have girlfriend just to boost their ego which is probably as equal as dirt. Women take half-naked pictures and call men thirsty. Women see or suspect that a man has someone and they go after it just to get the satisfaction that they were able to make a man cheat on their women with them. Now don’t you dare think that I’m going to let men get away with anything, men now a day are more whore then the whore themselves but its the behavior of these women that lead men to act the way they do. Women and respect no longer go hand in hand. And its sad, extremely sad. It’s ok to have fun but don’t be a hoe and don’t be an internet hoe at that.