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So I know I mentioned a few entries back that my car had gotten messed up. I took it to two mechanics and they both told me that I had blown the head gasket, the first one quoted me $1,200.00 and the second one $800.00. If life has taught me anything its been not to take a decision when I am feeling desperate or angry. So I called everyone I knew and explained what the car had and what the other two mechanics told me a lot of people told me it was the same thing.  I had decided to give up when my uncle called his new mechanic and together we took the car. He took a look at it and took the time to explain to me why it was not the head gasket like everyone else had said. He had me go to the local Auto parts and buy a radiator, thermostats and hoses for the radiator. Now 1 week later I am happy and my car is fixed with a fraction of what I was going to originally spend. I cant say this experience completely restored my faith in humanity but its a step closer. There still are people out there who do what they do for the satisfactions of others, to help others and not solely for the money.