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I started my journey in blogging over a year ago. I love to put my words on paper and I thought it would be wonderful to share my thoughts with complete strangers via a blog. I thought to share this blog with my FB friends but after two to three posts I decided it was not a good idea. I’ve been writing for quit a while now but I just found out that an unwanted person has been reading my entries and misconstruing what I have written to a way that it benefits that person. They’ve been reporting what I write to someone else. Its pretty sad that they have to take time from their life to take a peek into mine.



Letter to my creeper:

I don’t live such an interesting life but obvious it interests you enough to go as far back as 8 months to read my entries. You’ve been like a piece of old gum in my shoe it’s about time you go away already. Don’t think that you snooping around in what I love to do will stop me. you are just adding fuel to the fire within me. I’ll pray for you because you really need it.