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My grandfather was rushed to the Hospital on Sunday morning. He fainted and wasn’t breathing correctly, when he came to the EMT performed an EKG and it was abnormal, so as an extra precaution they decided to take him and had to stay overnight While at the hospital they ran exams on him one of was with nuclear medication. They discharged him on Monday afternoon, I paid him a visit after work, I gave him a kiss and he seemed OK, I hung out at my mom’s for a bit, and after about an  HR I decided to leave, as I was leaving I saw that my grandfather was not acting right. His face was pulling to one side and the newspaper he held in his hand was so tightly held that his fingers were turning white. I immediately called my mom and uncle and we helped him to a more comfortable place. We called the doctor and waited for a call back. the side effect of the nuclear examination was some twitching but we didn’t like the way he looked. My grandfather has always been a strong man and to see him so helpless really broke my heart. he was getting so frustrated with the twitching because he could even bring a cup to his mouth. He requested we take him to bed and we did as he pleased. I decided to lay with him and tears just ran down my face, to see a man so strong as fragile as a child. I wiped my tears and put on a strong front for my grandmother. The doctor called and instructed us to give him a medication and soon he was fast asleep with some twitching but nothing like at first. He was to see the doctor first thing in the A.M

That night I went home and immediately jumped in the shower, I sobbed like a baby. The thought of losing him was too much, I know he is old and it will happen sooner than later but It hurt to think of it. I thought of my grandmother losing him. Although my ex-husband didn’t die, when my husband left my house I felt like half of my heart was being torn off, I felt it emotionally and physically. I didn’t want my grandmother to experience that. Also grand poppa has been like my dad. When my coward father left he step up to be the father figure in my life. Thankfully he is doing better and slowly getting back to his old self.