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hoarders-poster-60822So a family member of mine just moved to another state after being here for about 2 -3 years. We all knew he had some type of problem with hoarding but didn’t really know the extent of it until yesterday when we were forced to clean up the mess he left. After work I arrived at his location and my mother already had about 4 bags of things to throw away. I helped her for about an hour but when i looked around we hadn’t even scratched the surface. I’ve watched the show about Hoarders before and I’ve literally cried but its a totally different experience when you are seeing it in person. I mean bag after bag, box after box it was all junk. There were a few things that were salvageable but most things were not of any value. It made me so sad to think he was living this way and didn’t see absolutely  nothing wrong with this. I wanted to take a picture but decided not to because it would be wrong of me to do so,  he has a problem, he is a real life hoarders.