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NatureI got back from my trip Saturday night, I’ve been trying to re-adjust to reality for the past two-day. Here I am again struggling to make it to the next day. Being away from Miami has been the best experience of my life. Being away from it all made me realize that Miami is not my home, I don’t belong here, the life here is not what I want for myself and my children. I visited GA and Tennessee and it opened my eyes. People are so much different, nicer, friendlier, genuine! every single person I encountered after from the state line on was so nice I almost felt like I was in a different dimension. I loved being in touch with nature. We spend most of our time outdoors doing things and it felt great. I thought about a lot of things and although the bugs drove me crazy from time to time, the smell of nature and the scenery was very peaceful. I loved every minute of it. Every now and then I close my eyes and can still hear the water running down the river. From this trip I’ve decided I want to move to another state as soon as my children are able to fend for themselves.