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So it hasn’t been a secret around my household that we are tight on money because since my husband and I split there is only one income coming into the house. I try to make it so that we are living ok but I know the girls notice that I’ve cut back on eating out and I don’t really splurge on things I used to for them. We buy only necessary things.

Water down

For about the past few days I’ve been noticing that all the bottles have been magically refilling themselves not by a lot maybe an inch or two. Then in the basket where I keep all my beauty products I noticed that two bottles of body splash that  didn’t like were empty, without hesitation I just tossed them.  I didn’t pay much mind to either situation. Yesterday while I lay on my bed, my little one comes over to me with a full bottle of body splash. She tells me “Mom want to smell the perfume I made?” She sprayed it all over me and it didn’t smell bad but it prompted me to ask where she got it because I didn’t remember buying it. Her response was the following and I absolutely love her for it. “Mom I know we don’t have a lot of money so I used all the little bits of perfume you had and made my own, I also added water to your shampoo, hand sanitizer, body splash and soap for the hands. I wanted to help you so that you wont have to worry about anything. Please don’t be made at me I love you” I explained to her not to do those things and why. Yes now most of the liquids in the house are a bit watered down but I hugged her because of the intention behind her actions.