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My friends, your friends our friendsSunday my friends and I got together after not seeing each other in nearly a month, we talk on the phone or text each other but have so much going on that sadly we don’t get together too often. We just sat and talk and talk but it was so much fun. With them I could not see them for a while but when we get together its like we never stopped talking. I love girl talk and missed it like crazy.When I was married I slowly stopped hanging out with them thinking that my place as a wife was to be with my husband, I mostly hung out with his friends. He still went out to hang with his friends while I either stayed home or visited my mother. I now understand that even when you are with someone you need time away from your significant other and their friends, you need your own set of friend. Friends that have no ties to your significant other. Don’t ever let go of your friends just because you are in a committed relationship, remember your friends were there before your significant other, its your job to make sure you don’t alienate yourself during that relationship and if it doesn’t happen to work out with your significant other your friends will be there for you at the end. I’ve learned that a couple should have couple friends where they can go on double dates, then his and her set of friends.