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I know I blog about this often and some people must be like “oh dear here she is again talking about it for the gazillion time, when will she get over it?” but I cant get over it. My ex husband and I were having a conversation yesterday and even though I cant trust him and things have changed drastically between us Its nice to talk like old times. Before him and I were an item we were best friends, that’s how it all started. We have a bond that most people cant really understand and could never be duplicated. Its hard to explain how a man that’s hurt me so much can still hold a place in my heart. Real feelings cant be extinguished just like that. I try to make myself forget and just be ok but its hard. I have my days which I’m OK but I’m constantly reminded of what we had through my kids, songs, words, places, movies, ETC. Sometimes I wish I had that little memory eraser MIB have, to forget everything him and i had but then i remember all the good times we had and it would be a shame not to remember those moments.I don’t know how long it will take for me to be OK again but I know i will and I’m taking this as a learning experience.