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So yesterday I decided to go out and have a girls night with an old friend. We went to fashion show, free drinks and many boutique were going to be having trunk shows. It was an awesome night we danced the whole night and shopped a little by a little I mean I spent less than $30.00 and bought a few items. We didn’t let any guys talk to us after all it was a girls night and lets face it I’m not really ready to let anyone talk to me yet. It was the type of night in which you just want to dance the night away and forget by dancing.

Love notes

Me smiling, the lighting made me look like i have a stache


Live band playing, good music

We were sitting by the bar chatting our little hearts out when I decided to break the seal and use the restroom. I used the restroom and washed my hand I stuck my hands in my purse to reapply my lipstick when I found a little note.

Love notes

This just made my night, it was so funny. I just love it that she takes the extra time surprise em like that. I made sure to kiss her when I got home. I had a good night out with my friend and a cute ending with this little note.