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On some weirdo shitAs most may already know I have a daughter who is less than a year away from being a teen. I am extremely protective of her mainly because I got pregnant when I was 14 years old. now that I have a daughter I understand why my mother freaked out. I try really hard to steer her in the right direction, shelter her from stupid men or boys looking for that “thing” on that thing but I know the rest is up to her. She is as many young kids now a days very active in the social world. I make sure to check her social media once to twice a week. This weekend I was checking her followers on IG when I came across a guy who is my age. I know who he is and he’s the type of douche-bag that has a family yet likes all the girls pics. He is constantly commenting on other women’s page, like a single man would. I would say he steps out of line a bit. I know my face turned red and I was probably about to have a heart attack. What is a grown man doing requesting a 12-year-old on any social media and on top of that liking a picture of her in a bathing suit. It made me feel sick to my stomach because maybe his intention were not to get at her like that but with all the things happening this day in age it made me think the worst. I immediately took action,blocked him and asked my daughter not to ever approve a request like that. I got really made with her because she approved it knowing he is a grown man but it bothered me more that he took the time to go to her page and request her. I now understand my mother and how she was when I was a kid. Some men are just on that weirdo shit.