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There are times in which the minute you wake up things happened to you and those bad things make you become a little Grinch. You take it out on people who you don’t even know and make them feel as shitty as you feel. I try really hard not to be this person. If I am having a bad day I look at myself in the mirror and smile a few times during the day to remind myself that even through all these things are going on I must smile, I could say it helps me get through a shitty day but some people don’t know how to do that. Today I was on the phone with a patient and he was so nasty to me, he even asked me and if him and I were talking the same language. The way he treated me was completely unacceptable if I wasn’t dealing with him during work hours I would have taught him a thing or two about attitude but seeing that i need my job I kept my professionalism and spoke to him in a nice, calm manner, at the end of my phone call I told the man that I hoped he had a better day and may god bless him. I guess he immediately realized that he had been nasty and tried to apology instead I said “sir have a wonderful day” and hing up. I didn’t accept it because I want him to understand that he was wrong.  Why make someone feel as bad as you are feeling. Kindness reproduces kindness.

Kinder than you feel