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I am a big MMA fan and my girls know it. Every time there is an event the girls know not to bother me, I am in my zone. I’ve taught them a thing or two and sometimes we have watched events together. Last week while I was bending over to my little Nix asks “MOM why does your underwear say VS” So I told her it stood for Victoria Secret. She quickly replied that it not what it meant, she’s been watching too many fights to know that it means versus. I explained to her that it’s the initials for Victoria Secret and even made an example of everyone’s name in the house. She walked away nodding, so I should have known it wasn’t going to stay like that.

Yesterday when I walked into the kitchen I had to stop and look at her newest addition to our Fridge art. It said Mom VS Dad nothing more nothing less. I was curious to know what she was trying to say and since we are currently going through a divorce I didn’t want her to think him and I are in some sort of war. So I ask her what it meant. She says “mom don’t worry about it, it means Mom Victoria Secret and dad”  To that I had no response I just had to turn away before I laughed.