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Team fitSo I’ve been working out for the past three weeks, I’m talking about really working out. Not the I’ll do what i can, Ive actually been pushing myself.  I honestly started to do it because my ex-husband started to workout and I knew I couldn’t be the fat ex-wife, the one that let herself go when she split up with her husband. I refused to be labeled that, I wanted people to look at me and be like “dam look at her getting her groove back”. So I cut off all the bad things I was eating on a  daily basis and I started alternating between jogging and cycling and 30 mins of exercise for my mid and lower section. The more I get fit the more my reason for trying to be fit changes, now I’m solely doing it because I feel better, my body feels better than it did before I had my girls and It sure beats coming home, feeling bad on a shitty day and just sitting there. It helps me get my mind off of things. I never really realized how much this can help. So high five to all my exercise fanatics, I now understand you!!! Team Fit!!