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The VaultWhen you love someone who must take a leap of faith, give your heart to that person and have faith that they will not break your heart, but what happens when you love someone and that person does the imaginable and squashes your heart?? That’s the moment you decide to take your heart back and lock it up for the next time you feel safe enough to let it out and lets face it many who have gone through this think 25461063 times before they even open the vault you created to keep from getting hurt again. Trust in a relationship take a very long time to build and just a few minutes to break. Once its broken you’ll always be able to see the cracks, very few times will it be repaired to the point that the cracks wont be seen, but before you can ever get to that point you must work hard and endlessly. No days off, no interruptions. So next time you are in a relationship with someone think about how much time it took for them to open up and how they’ve given you their heart have faith in you not to do anything bad with it. Cherish that heart like it was your own.