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I spent the better afternoon of yesterday at my grandmother’s house. I was only planning on visiting her for about an hour and I ended up staying for about 8 hrs. I’m always so busy, with the kids, school, mommy duties and stuff that I never really spend that much time with her. It seems like its always an excuse because I know I could find the time. My uncle passed by about an hr after I got to her house and he brought some liquor (perfect ingredient for long talks) and we sat in the living room remembering old time, telling stories about our younger days and sharing each of our account of epic stories. It felt nice to just sit and talk to make memories like this. I miss that we are all so grown up that we never find time to do this. I know I’ll look back one day at this and smile, it was an awesome day!

I'll look back one day

My Grandfather and I making faces, he has Alzheimer and sometimes it hard for him to remember things or people


My youngest and my grandmother arranging my grandmother’s collect of pictures in a photo album