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Because I’m a mother of two girls I think I have to put my two cents in on the whole Miley Cyrus performance on the VMAs. I wasn’t able to see it the day it aired because I was too busy watching my Vampire Diaries (which by the way I’m so obsessed about) so I saw it on Monday night. I pretty much had an idea of what had gone down because of the numerous pics of twerk crazy Miley. Now I must agree with most of you when you say “please stop it’s hurting my eye”. We get you can twerk!! clap clap!! She is young and having fun and probably on drugs but she looked and sounded like a wreck, I’ve seen her do better. Now comes the part where most will disagree. I kept hearing about how she could do that being that she is considered a role model for young ladies. Now STOP for a second and think about that. Why are you looking to a superstar to become your child’s role model, a child’s role model shouldn’t be an actress, singer, comedian, it should be you or a family member. People need to stop with the role model bullshit. I showed this to my kids and the reason behind that is to show them the wrong way for a lady to act. I wont sit here and tell you that I’m the perfect human being because I am not. I occasionally drink, I curse, I watch porn,I dance dirty, heck I even twerk when I’ve had enough to drink but I make sure that I try very hard to set a good example to my children on an everyday basis, and I’m not squeaky clean because life should also be fun. I talk to them and explain why they shouldn’t do certain things. A perfect human being is not real, that’s a person hiding who they really are. So parents stop it with the bull crap that she’s a role model because if you are raising your children correctly she shouldn’t be. Stop looking to others to become the role model your children look up to become the role model you want you kids to be. At the end of the day they spend more time with you than seeing any superstar.