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Two Sickies one MotherI promised myself that I wouldn’t miss no more than a day of blogging but this week I slacked but with good reason. My week didn’t start off with rainbows and butterflies. Sunday I got into a huge fight with my ex husband and that just made me go to bed angry. We know what buttons to push on each other and that makes for a war of words. Monday was stressful at work and by the time I got home I had two sick children to worry about, they both came back from school sick with two totally different thing. The eldest had a cold and the little one had a stomach virus. I was up for most of the night and when the alarm went off I said “fuck this, I’m staying home” Good thing I did because they were sneezing, coughing and diarrhea for most of the morning. I made sure they got a lot of rest and nursed them back to semi health. Thankfully Wednesday they woke up feeling much better and was able to send them back to school. In all the years my children have been my children they have never gotten sick with two totally different things, it’s always one passes the sickness to the other and I could treat them with same medication. this time it drove me nuts. Hopefully this never happens again.