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I was so tired this morning from last night trying to watch my two a day episodes of Vampire Diaries. I figured if I watch two daily i can catch up by the time the 5 season airs in October. I’m completely obsessed, when I’m watching I ignore my kids, no bueno!! Anyways I’ve been going to bed late so as a result I wake up tired, no science there haha. So I woke up, woke the kids up and brushed my teeth. I hadn’t looked in the mirror because I knew my hair was going to look crazy as hell, for some reason it has been doing this I wont cooperate with you thing lately. I looked anyways and I couldn’t believe my eyes I was having an awesome hair day. Now this might sound conceited but I stared at my self, yes I did and  for a while only because it was perfect and I don’t know when the next time it will happen again. I try really hard to get my hair to look pretty but as of late the more I try the worst it looks. I wasn’t trying, I even fell asleep with wet hair, any girl knows that a recipe for crazy hair. I smiled knowing today would rock. I got a few complements on my hair and just made me have that little pep in my step. my hair and my heart

My boss wasn’t being a meany, my hair was great and its the Friday before a long weekend what else can go wrong. Just as I thought that, bad news came my way, a friend just found out that he has a sickness, could be terminal. It made me sad and just like that my happiness spilled into the air, it just drifted away. Now I’m left with complete sadness and regret. I pray he gets better and beats the sickness. today will be remembered as the day my hair looked great but my heart didn’t.