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It was bound to happen, with my co-worker, mom and kids being sick last week it was just a matter of time that I got sick too. I started to feel the effects of it Friday afternoon but it didn’t get really bad till Saturday night. My tonsils are horrible, they are so big you could see them by just looking at me, no need for me to open my mouth. The worst thing is that I’ve been having to come to work because we are super busy. I’ve been in a shitty mood and worst of all I’m in it by myself. Sometimes when I get sick I like to be babied. It sucks not having someone, like an adult to baby you. Luckily my little one is very attentive and kept asking me if I needed something to eat and if I was feeling better, she got me water and ran her fingers though her hair.

Yup these are my tonsils