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Our Family GlueSaturday night was my Grandmother’s 82 birthday. I am truly blessed to have her around yet another year. I have a really big family and we used to get together more often but as of lately more and more conflict with the family has arised and we aren’t as united as we used to be. The little bit of us that are, are held together by the human glue my grandmother is. She keeps us together, we get together to make her happy. I know the mature ones but fights aside because of her. We all know how much she enjoys to see all of us in one roof laughing and having fun. You can see it in her eyes when we all sit around her while she tells stories of when she was younger and of course lets not forget the embarrassing ones she likes to tell about all of us. It just feels nice. It sucks to think of the day that she will no longer be with us. I am happy that no matter Ive always spent time with her and let my girls enjoy simple time with her, those are the moments they will cherish.