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Vampire Diaries AnonymousHi My name is Luisa, I am a mother of two and (insert small sob here) I’m addicted to Vampire diaries, I’m ignoring my children and I can’t live without a daily dose….If there was  Vampire Diaries Anonymous meetings, that’s how my opening statement would be. Its super addicting, I’ve never had crack nor do I plan on trying it but I’m pretty sure the addiction is like this. All I think about is what the next episode is going to reveal. It’s so bad that I’ve fallen in love with both Stefan and Damon and yes I know they are both fictional characters. It helps me take my mind off of this funk and that could explain why I need more. So seeing as I’ve completely immersed myself into trying to catch up to Vampire Diaries before the new season airs in October its only right I write at least one entry about it. So as I walk around doing my normal mommy and work duties here are a list of questions I have lingering in my head about Vampire Diaries

  • Why are both of these hunks in love with Elena and not me
  • Did anyone want Vicky dead as much as I did?? Gosh she was a pain!!
  • When Elena has her period can the Salvatore brothers smell it?
  • Can Carolyn and Mason  have a hybrid?
  • Is it me or did Jeremy get cute all of a sudden??
  • Why cant I compel people? My life would be so much easier if I did
  • Why couldn’t The hybrid dude (Klaus) smell Elena when she was in Stefan’s old apartment?? He’s a werewolf too don’t they have the ability to sniff prey?

I’m currently on Season 3 Episode 8 I’ll get back to you guys and tell you where I’m at in my addiction when I’m all caught up.